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Interior Heated Pool Cleaning for a Hotel

Maintaining the luxurious appeal of your hotel is no small task; every aspect of its amenities needs to be managed perfectly and smoothly. One of these amenities, often overlooked, is the indoor heated pool. At Piscinévo, we pride ourselves on being an industry-leading expert in delivering excellent interior heated pool cleaning services. It is our job to ensure that your hotel’s indoor pool attains this level of excellence, which is exactly what our client expected for this project.

In this project, we were tasked with a general cleaning of the pool. We began by testing and measuring the pH levels. As soon as we achieved a balanced pH level, we proceeded to skim and vacuum to get rid of any debris and dirt on the pool’s surface, walls, and floor. After this, our team conducted a thorough brushing of the pool’s walls and tiles to get rid of growing algae and remove stubborn stains. This is then followed by a process called backwashing, which is where we reverse the pool’s filter to flush out trapped debris.

Our client requested a special shock treatment, which is a process of adding an extra dose of chlorine to kill off stubborn bacteria and algae. Clients would often request this for a pool that sees many guests. We also carried out heating and ventilation maintenance for this pool. At the end of the project, our client was satisfied, and of course we were happy to have completed a successful project.

Interior Heated Pool Cleaning