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Live in Greater Montreal?

Experience Unmatched Pool and Spa Services with Piscinevo

Piscinévo is proud to serve a diverse range of locations, bringing our premium pool and spa services directly to your doorstep. Our extensive reach has allowed us to enhance the pool and spa experience for customers across various cities and boroughs. Whether you’re looking for routine maintenance, comprehensive repairs, or season-specific pool and spa services, our dedicated team is always ready to serve.

Each location we serve receives the same commitment to excellence that is inherent in the Piscinévo brand. We understand that your pool and spa are more than just features in your home – they are spaces for relaxation, entertainment, and creating memorable moments. As such, we strive to ensure that these important areas of your home are always in the best condition possible.

Experts Pool & Spa Services in Greater Montreal

Piscinévo provides a wide array of services in and around Greater Montreal.

Here is a list of our professional pool maintenance services:

Comprehensive repair services for concrete pools, addressing issues such as cracks, leaks, and surface damage to enhance longevity and appearance.

Specialized services for above ground pools, tackling unique challenges like liner replacements, structure repairs, and leak solutions.

Routine pool services including cleaning, water testing, equipment checks, and balance of pool chemicals, ensuring a clean, safe, and enjoyable swimming experience.

Professional assistance in preparing your pool for the season or winterizing it for the off-season, handling tasks such as cover installation/removal, equipment setup/shutdown, and more.

Expert services for opening and closing your spa, ensuring optimal functionality when in use and proper protection when not in use.

Comprehensive spa services including cleaning, water testing, and chemical balancing, along with equipment inspection and repairs to ensure a soothing and safe spa experience.

Regular water replacement and thorough cleaning to maintain water clarity, cleanliness, and overall hygiene of your pool or spa.

A variety of auxiliary services such as sand change (for sand filter systems), water analysis for accurate chemical balancing, plumbing repairs for pool and spa systems, and change of canvas for pool liners and covers.

Explore our Locations

Each of our expert services are designed for the health, appearance, and functionality of your pool or spa, ensuring you can enjoy your aquatic space without any hassle.

Explore our services across different locations by clicking on the links below. No matter where you are, you can trust Piscinévo to deliver top-tier, professional pool and spa services with the utmost dedication to customer satisfaction.

Welcome to Piscinévo, where every service is a step towards a better Pool Spa experience.

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