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Concrete Pool Repair and Cleaning Project

Your home backyard pool isn’t just another aesthetic structure; it is one for cooling off and unwinding, especially after a long day. Therefore, to ensure your pool remains that perfect cooling-off or relaxation section in your house, a good cleaning and, if needed, repair are essential. Piscinévo is that company that you can rely on to bring about a restoration to your pool, ensuring a longer lifespan and a pristine condition. Our team excelled in both the repair and cleaning of this concrete pool repair and cleaning project. We began with a comprehensive evaluation of the pool’s condition. We then identified and fixed all the structural issues, making sure the pool’s structural integrity was fully restored.

Next, I diligently cleaned the pool, starting with thorough vacuuming and brushing to get rid of dirt and debris from both the surface and walls. Our attention to detail extended to skimmer basket cleaning and a comprehensive pump and filter inspection and cleaning. To revive the water conditions, we carried out an accurate chemical evaluation, making use of only industry-approved, safe chemicals to balance the pH levels of the water. This step was to make sure that the pool was not only clean but also safe for swimming. Because of our team’s efforts, our client now enjoys a fully functional and crystal-clear, clean concrete pool. We also provided guidance on ongoing maintenance practices to ensure the pool remains in good condition for many years.

Concrete Pool Repair